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Welcome To Elixir Manchester Manchester’s new skin youthfulness clinic

Welcome to Elixir Manchester - Manchester’s new skin youthfulness clinic

Elixir is an independent anti-ageing clinic in central Manchester.

Drawing on many years’ medical experience, we offer a range of safe, non-surgical same-day skin treatments – including anti-wrinkle injections and smoothing dermal fillers – to revitalise how you look and feel about yourself.

Our beauty specialists Holly and Amanda are here to inspire and guide you. See what we do, or book an appointment now.

Elixir’s same-day skin treatments

When it comes to looking, feeling and staying healthy, we all know how important it is to exercise and enjoy a balanced diet. But we can’t stop ourselves from ageing – and sometimes that can affect how we feel, how others react to us, and even the opportunities we’re handed in life.

At Elixir, we never pretend that frown lines and wrinkles are anything other than completely natural. But we know that sometimes they can make you look a little more tired or older than you really are.

Lines and wrinkles happen because the structure of our skin changes over time, becoming less elastic and flexible. As you age, there are fewer fat cells in the lower layers (the dermis) of your skin, which makes it more transparent. Your oil and sweat glands, which help keep skin supple, become less active. At the same time, the muscles in your face begin to sag, leading to creases and folds in your skin. And on top of that, your skin is also drier, renewing itself less quickly than younger skin.

All this can affect how facial skin looks – and how you feel. It’s why we offer same-day treatments that will help you feel better for your age, and more confident to boot. Always with natural-looking results.